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Trial Lawyers Section
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DeKalb Bar Trial Lawyers Section

Promoting Safety . . . Preserving Justice

Did you ever consider why public facilities are required to provide access to handicapped persons, or why the manufacturers of automobiles are now required to provide seatbelts and other life-saving safety features to consumers? Why are schools, restrooms, and other public places no longer racially segregated? Why are toys used by our children safer and why are nursing homes providing better care to the old and the sick among us? Why are manufacturers no longer producing asbestos for use in our buildings? Why have tobacco companies been ordered to stop denying that their products kill people?

The answer is that the citizens of our great country, with the help of trial lawyers, judges, court staff, jurors and other persons who work in the American judicial system, have forced these changes to occur, often despite the great personal sacrifice involved. We are committed to promoting safety for our clients and community.

At each step, individuals and their lawyers were challenged by various insurance companies, government officials, industry lawyers and manufacturers who worked at great cost to prevent these wrongs from being corrected. Millions, if not billions of dollars have been spent by various interest groups to limit or prevent ordinary citizens from seeking accountability for unsafe conduct or products. Only in a courtroom do the rules of law say that all of us stand as equals.

For every so-called "frivolous" lawsuit reported in the news, there are thousands of individuals who took on difficult but meritorious causes to seek a safer society. Trial lawyers are committed to promoting changes in the way companies do business so that profits are not elevated over safety. As part of our community, we are committed to preserving justice for all, regardless of wealth, age, or class.

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